Private taxi transfer from airport to Lech and Zurs with minivans up to 8 persons.

Airport taxi Lech

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Airport taxi Lech

Independent “Airport Taxi Lech ” operator provides quick, safe and dependable cab rides and transportation throughout Lech/Zürs am Arlberg skiing area and nearby airports:Innsbruck, Zürich, Munich, Friedrichshafen, Memmingen, Salzburg, Milano, Altenrhein … How much does a taxi cost to Lech/Zürs am Arlberg and nearby skiresorts: Oberlech, Zug, Stuben, St. Christoph, Klösterle, Langen, Wald? Estimate your taxicab fare and rates. Taxi fare, phone numbers, airport transfer rates and suggested trip routes – Airport Taxi Lech

Destination Distance Time Price
Zürich to Lech/Zürs 200km 2h 15min 1-3 pax: 350€
4-8 pax: 390€
Innsbruck to Lech/Zürs 120km 1h 45min 1-3 pax: 240€
4-8 pax: 270€
Munich to Lech/Zürs 300km 4h 10min 1-3 pax: 490€
4-8 pax: 530€
Friedrichshafen to Lech/Zürs 130km 1h 45min 1-3 pax: 270€
4-8 pax: 300€
Memmingen to Lech/Zürs 180km 2h 15min 1-3 pax: 320€
4-8 pax: 350€
Salzburg-to-Lech/Zürs 300km 4h 15min 1-3 pax: 540€
4-8 pax: 570€
Milano-to-Lech/Zürs 340km 4h 30min 1-3 pax: 620€
4-8 pax: 660€